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My brother probably wrote this letter.

Please wake me up at seven tomorrow morning.

Something's not right with the engine.


Maybe you can help us isolate the problem.

Were you flirting with him?

The boat is run by the dog.

Where is the Customs Service?

You've told her, haven't you?

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Tell Kazuhiro I said hi.

If there's some way to enjoy studying, could you teach me how?

Ariaios will at once withdraw, so that not a friend will be left us.

Such a one alone can remind us of our faults.

How do you like the meat?

He passed through the woods.

Me, too.

The dynamite went off with a bang.

She looked him right in the eyes.

Solve the mystery lurking behind the murder!

Answer the phone.

This large type is easy on the eyes.

They treat me like a child.


I have something to tell Trying.

Your argument came across well.

Troy and Gary probably won't see each other for a while.


If it had not been for your help, he would have been ruined.

She is doing her hair simply.

Ram is the coolest person in the world.

It was totally inappropriate.

I wanted to say I was sorry.

I don't love him enough to marry him.

The water is deepest here.

I turned on the lights.

I don't think this is anything you'd be interested in.

Life is what you make it.

You want to remain anonymous.

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In a dictatorship laughing can be an indictable offense.

How much time does it take?

We know everything you know.

Never have I seen such a peaceful sight.

Communism was the political system in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, but that stopped in 1993.

I don't make deals with people like you.

I asked Derek why he thought that was important.

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He lives hand to mouth and never saves a cent.


I have a friend who's a teacher in Boston.

Pinocchio was greatly afraid of thunder and lightning, but the hunger he felt was far greater than his fear.

They're all figments of your imagination.

Since he doesn't feel well today, he can't come to the office.

My guess is that there will be a resignation of the cabinet.

To hear her speak English, you would take her for an Englishwoman.

If Toerless had been careful, this accident wouldn't have happened.

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That is the way of the world.

I don't know what got into me.

Stacey wants me to work with him.


I sold my car last week.

He lives near the beach.

How do babies breathe when they're in the uterus?

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Does Magnus have a job?


In our class, there is no child more diligent than Jack.

I agreed with you in all your views.

Jeannie is much surprised at the news.

We removed the old furniture.

I'm with him now.

I suffered through all sours but didn't find bitter than needing people.

It doesn't seem to help.


If an oversight is the reason why you have not paid, please send us the amount due, and let us solve the problem immediately.

Where did you build them?

You must stay awake.


We all know that Reinhard is guilty.


I hope you sleep well.

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They will need to reduce their expenditures.


I'm glad we're in agreement.

We should just keep doing what we're doing.

They're awfully nosy.


The reason our hair is brown is that it enabled our monkey ancestors to hide amongst the coconuts.

Soon after the accident they found a live animal there.

Have you ever watched this film?

I don't like what he said.

The next-door neighbour's guest is a guest who eats lots of persimmons.

What a terrifying city. There's no bridge out there, all the old buildings are crushed. These men or... human beings, I don't know... They destroyed all the great buildings. So ugly.

I am well acquainted with the subject.


I request.

Hold on to it.

They had nothing to eat.


The sofa is wide enough for four people to sit on.


I eat meat almost every day.


Some kids start to carry on at a supermarket when they are not allowed to buy some candy or other treat.

Kee has grown in strength.

I told him to go.

They came rowing towards shore in a rowboat.

I must pull myself together to overcome this incident.

I use my VISA card.

I smoked.


You must think it's impossible, but could you at least give it a try?

You should leave that sort of thing to me.

Do you think I'm abrasive?


I guess I'm a little tired.

He persecuted people for their religion.

I went to a sale with my mother yesterday and kept hounding her to buy me a dress.

She lost it.

Steen is still waiting for Kerry.

You can express the sentence this way.

I'll let them know you're here.

The sun descended behind the mountains.

The problem is that we lack money.

I couldn't tolerate the stress of this work.

This building belongs to my family.

The roofer roofed the thick roof.

I'm glad you made it home in one piece.

What kind of man are you?

It amazed me.


I'm not saying what she did was the right thing to do.

He did not prepare for his examination.

It will take a while to go away.


He laid down his pen and looked at me.

Jason was here the other day.

O grey pussycat, please don't purr. Grandpa might hear you.

How do you think they'd do it?

My father likes traveling by air.

Do you want me to say that I won't keep seeing Kay?

I'm Russian.

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How many daughters does Teresa have?

That is my little sister's camera.

Would that Orestes were near.


Les found a wallet on the sidewalk.

I affirmed that he was innocent.

Let's get together in my office.

Three guesses where I was yesterday!

Many think that democracy is the government of the people. But the truth of the matter is that democracy is the government of democrats.

The weather was fine, so we went fishing.

She seemed to be in love with him.

I have to go and see what Marian wants.

That's all there is to it.

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Mechael made Erwin some toys.

That's probably safer.

It's all about prioritizing risks.

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I'm sorry but I can't lend you my car next weekend.

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Sailing a boat makes us happy.

Do you think I think of myself as an idiot?

I'm ahead of my work schedule.

He learned to dive when he was five.

I consoled him with his favorite food.

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This is a letter in Ryo's handwriting.


His wife is Swedish.

Today I studied Chinese for two hours.

I'd accept.

At least I'll never have that problem again.

I don't want to go to school tomorrow.

I tried not to look disappointed.

Lorenzo told me Raymond was a better skier than you.

She didn't want him to go overseas.

No words were able to admonish him.


Edgar is coming to pick us up.

I tell you, I tell you, the Dragonborn comes!

I think it's that simple.

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Oh that I had never married.


I'm sure I'll get over it soon.


That's what Vistlik does most of the time.

I've arranged for your arraignment in one hour.

Your silence makes me nervous.

The meeting room must be clean.

I want you to go with her.

He carved designs in ivory.

I want you to let Phiroze live.